All Night

by Night Train 357

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Wrote this track right after I got back from Miami. Was inspired to give a little nod to the trap scene and I was inspired partially but the DMV #Traprock movement started by a fellow Hip-Hop colleague. This song is about rocking all night!


I gotta hundred dollar bill from the ATM machine,
But the withdrawal fee cost like $3.15.
I'd rather make money so the will girls chase me.
Ain't nobody gonna stop me cause a brotha gotta eat.
We're all equal so I went down to the bar to get a drink,
And invite the whole club back up to VIP.
That's just how I be when the cash flows free.
We go’n boil down the component like's it's THC.
If I was rich...I'd be dangerous. But I have not, but I have got
One foot in the door and the other one standing in that sandlot.
Got that key to pad lock. Beat like this'll make your ass drop.
I train as a knight in Camelot so I could brace myself for the Ragnarök.
Got bills like you. I got stress like you.
But the one thing I don't have is a damn excuse.
I got haters. How else would I know I'm doing shit right?
I got a pocket full of money, we go’n do it All night. All night.

Grown man; suit and tie. Grown woman looking superfly.
From the left lane, but I'm doing it right. Right. Right…right?

Grown man; suit and tie. Grown woman looking superfly.
And you know we…go’na…do it…
All night! All night! We go’n do it all night! (4x)

Look at her eyes, look at her face,
Look at her smile, look what she makes.
Love the whole package; make no mistake.
But I can stop starring when she shake's her waste.
Life is great! Life is great!
Put your hands up if you can relate.
Put that phrase on a license plate
Right after my registration's up to date.
This ain't Traprock. This ain't Takoma Park
But my focus, I could make Ethan spark.
A sure fire way to make a lethal spark
And get the whole region…to talk.
Ain’t a real boss till you've suffered a loss,
But you still got it covered like a push-up bra.
Keep it moving like a military push-up, dog,
Even if you're in the back lighting the Kush up, dog.
...Ladies, ya'll make it liver! (Yup)
...For this one night you're on fire! (Yup)
...Right after I finish this cypher! (Yup)
...Turn it up and get hyper all night.


I'm the n-i-g-h-t-t-r-a-i-n. I've been sipping Mai Tai’s, watching the tide slide in and the sunset and rise over the horizon.
I am a wise guy and why not if the ladies in the pool tell me to dive in.
Just take a leap of faith and stop overanalyzing. Results can be surprising.
Psycho crush you like M. Bison Jedi mind tricks that wrap around your cerebral
Cortex like a python, squeezing out the life son.
A rough metaphor of how we do it all night, young. Drop the mic.
Ooh! Look at what Night done. Drop it like hydrolics all night
Until the daylight comes, better make the night a nice one. (Go!)



released May 10, 2016
Music was produced by Marcus "Blackheart" Colbert and recorded/mixed at Nightsky Studios in Waldorf, MD by Ron Vento. Additional music was provided by Alexander Steele.


all rights reserved



Night Train 357 Silver Spring, Maryland

Night Train 357 is a creative emcee that enjoys infusing wordplay with unique subject matter not often touched upon in the Hip-Hop community. He tells stories with a twist, constantly reminding the listener how the average can become above average. He's a breath of fresh air, a change from the mundane, and the cure for the common cool. ... more

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