Balance It All (feat. Nu​-​Choyce)

by Night Train 357

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Life is filled with good times and bad times, joy and sorrow, pleasure and pain. In between all of the craziness we have to find a way to Balance It All. And the balancing act is different for each and every one of us. This song is dedicated to the my friend, Rodney Brown, and the Purple One himself, Prince Rogers Nelson. May they both rest in peace.


Energy enters me, relentlessly, telling me to
Spend immediately with no room for building up equity
So as a youth I burned and cut loose
With scissors, matches, and tools that were my matching my inner mood.
Life is a movie that’s absent an interlude.
No time for review, till the DVD interview.
And shortly after, you’re through…
Only then do you have the time to reflect on what you could do.
Now I don’t have time, so I don’t waste time.
I have to make time in order to carry on.
It’s not a TV show, but if we’re talking run time
I’m-a run mine like I practice for marathons.
The reality is it’s easier said than done.
It only takes a second to wreck every plan you’ve spun.
So many Starscream schemes get ruined by Megatrons…
But everyday of life I reset and re-log on.


The world is really dragging you down
Settin'ya up up so you can fall
The stress is gonna burn you out
So learn to balance it all...

The world is really dragging you down
Settin'ya you up so you can fall
The stress is gonna burn you out
So learn to balance it all...

Honestly, it's nothing new to me, but it feels assumedly
Like the world is consumed with a certain level of lunacy.
Rising like the Phoenix and sparking a light like jubilee,
But a mutated Apocalypse's trying to ruin my unity.
Work until you drop dead right after you write the eulogy.
Usually the response is that you lived your life foolishly.
“Oh he had it coming. Should have learned to relax, or something,”
or every other issue excluding the obvious assumption.
What would you do when your kids are out of food,
And your past rent to due before they evict you at noon,
Or studying late at school your parents struggled to put you through?
Or your father passed away the only months after you moved
Now the challenge is balancing all the chaos that's towering
Find the strength to empower or you can lay there just cowering
You've got, and water power rings
But you've gotta have heart for the weight of the world you're carrying


Bills stack, dealing with bildrats and scallywags.
Dilly dally, millions rally, displeased with their habitats.
Image that people look down on your cause you're black
Or a woman or you are lesser because of your sexual preference.
The stress is building, no question...Your enemies might need some
Witness protection blocking them from your aggression.
Interrupting speeches like my name was Kanye West and
Make you blow your top like a Kardashian undressing.
Don't get seduced like Anakin and Dooku.
Peace of mind is one thing you can't find on Google.
You've gotta unplug and step away and find a private getaway
So you can regroup and concentrate on a better day.
We're all dealing with it every way, shape and fashion.
Wanna flow in harmony but every day the waves are crashing,
Maneuvering your raft and moving and taking action...
Instead of sitting around wondering what happened.

Everyday you're hustling until you stop standing.
("What about this money man?") What about your family?
What about the child support your baby's mom's demanding?
What about your friends, just taking a day—relaxing?
You're maxing...out, bursting right the seems.
For a second, you deviate, and it feels you're neglecting your dreams.
Or is it a dream?



released April 26, 2016
Music was produced by Ardamus of Delegation Music and recorded/mixed at Nightsky Studios in Waldorf, MD by Ron Vento. Additional vocals provided by Markus "Nu-Choyce" Smith.



all rights reserved


Night Train 357 Silver Spring, Maryland

Night Train 357 is a creative emcee that enjoys infusing wordplay with unique subject matter not often touched upon in the Hip-Hop community. He tells stories with a twist, constantly reminding the listener how the average can become above average. He's a breath of fresh air, a change from the mundane, and the cure for the common cool. ... more

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