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by Night Train 357

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Take a trip up on my space bridge!!! As a huge fan of The Transformers, I had to do a tribute song about those crazy alien robots in disguise! I went out of my way to make something specifically for the Transformers Fandom that didn’t compromise on the subject matter and references; however, at the same I wanted something that would make your head bounce!


"Many millions of years ago, on the planet Cybertron, life existed. But, not life as we know it today. Intelligent robots, that could think and feel inhabited the cities. They were called Autobots and Decepticons. But, the brutal Decepticons were driven by a single goal, total domination."

Take a trip up with my space bridge!
This journey’s anything but basic
You’re even lucky if you make it
See opportunity then take it!
This joint will leave you all in stasis
Locked let the cassettes play
embrace it it...
Rumble, frenzy, and sound waves
Hitting you from the stage.
Leave you in disarray
Like getting hit by null rays
Mech fluid in my hand
couple stacks of Energon
Make you wanna bounce
From the City Bots to Mini-Cons
Fresher than a protoform
Newly forged at the Golden Age of Cybertron
before the second war.
Got hydraulics installed
In my alternate form
After Blaster and Jazz
Said I had it going on!
I’m giving you more
Than your average diaclone.
Crashing to your planet
Like a fucking fireball!

I make you wanna BOUNCE!

Bounce so hard tip the planet off its axis...
Indigenous life forms to terrified masses
I’m gonna ask if I can holla at Triple Changer
that sounds just like Angela Basset
She’s a Decepticon
but I kind of like her passion
Maybe when I’m done
She might wanna switch factions
Yo Wheeljack! (Yeah Train!)
I need new tires to grip
I don’t wanna lose traction
Robot in disguise means living a double life
Pretty obvious to me but it’s more than meets the eye
Don’t be surprised...
I just adapt to survive
Riding nice while seekers
Fly the skies at Mach 5!
They better not attack
I’m tougher than Ironhide
The day I rolled off the assembly line!
I’m on the grind
Through the ranks I’m gonna climb
Keep the mindset like I’m
Next line to be the next Prime!…

I’m make you wanna bounce!

Make you wanna bounce
from...the parking lot...
Sound hit you in air
like the Aerialbots
Fire come of my mouth...
Like I’m a Dinobot!
Even think the Target Masters
About to lick a shot!
Power of allspark
I think outside the box!
Leave you in spare parts
But still unite combiners
Flying like Powerglide
nobody rocked a planet like this
Since a battle with Unicron and Primus!


released October 25, 2019
Song produced by Edword Asis of CatsEye2TheCosmos
Song written and performed by Stephen "Night Train 357" Wilkes
Mixing and mastering at Nightsky Recording Studios in Waldorf, MD


all rights reserved



Night Train 357 Silver Spring, Maryland

Night Train 357 is a creative emcee that enjoys infusing wordplay with unique subject matter not often touched upon in the Hip-Hop community. He tells stories with a twist, constantly reminding the listener how the average can become above average. He's a breath of fresh air, a change from the mundane, and the cure for the common cool. ... more

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